What is a printed pillow?

Printed pillows are a common type of decorative pillows, which usually use digital printing technology to print patterns, text or photos on the surface of the pillow. The shapes of the pillows are various and are decided according to one's own design, such as heart, human, animal and so on. Such customized pillows can be designed according to personal preferences or specific occasions, such as home decoration, gift giving or business promotion.

Custom printed pillows are usually favored by the following groups of people:

Personality seekers: people who like unique and personalized items, they tend to look for custom printed pillows to show their unique taste and style.

Gift buyers: people looking for unique gifts, they may choose custom printed pillows as birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, wedding souvenirs, etc. to express special emotions and blessings.

Home Decoration Enthusiasts: People who pay attention to the taste of home decoration, they may customize printed pillows to coordinate with the home decoration style and add fun and beauty to their home life.

Business promoters: on the part of enterprises or brands, they may choose customized printed pillows as promotional gifts or corporate promotional items to strengthen the brand image and publicity effect.

Overall, people who like personalization and pursue unique taste, as well as enterprises that need special gifts or promotional items, are more inclined to choose custom printed pillows.

 1. Why more people choose customized shaped printed pillows:

Creative Design: Shaped plush cushion pillows can attract people's attention because they are different from traditional cushion pillows with unique shapes and designs, which can bring a sense of freshness and creativity.

Comfort: plush cushion pillows are usually made of soft materials, which can provide a comfortable touch and support, making people feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting or cuddling.

Decorative: Shaped plush cushion pillows can be used as home decorations to add fun and personality to the home environment, making the space more interesting and cozy.

Gifts And Presentations: Making shaped plush cushion pillows can be used as gifts or presents for friends, family members or children, which can express care and blessings, as well as a unique gift choice.

2.The process of making printed pillows:

Knowing how pillows are made can help people better understand the quality and durability of pillows. From the selection of raw materials to the production process, it all affects the final quality of the pillow. If you have a need for customized pillows, it can help you better communicate with the manufacturer to ensure that the customized pillows meet your requirements. For sustainability reasons, understanding the pillow making process can also help you understand the pillow manufacturer's sustainable practices, including the source of raw materials, the environmental measures taken during the production process, and so on. Overall, understanding the process of making pillows can help increase awareness of product quality, meet customization needs, increase your knowledge base, and focus on the sustainability of your product.

Designing the pattern: first, you need to design or choose the pattern that you want to print on the pillow. This can be a pattern that you have designed yourself or an image that you have found from the internet. Make sure the quality and resolution of the pattern is high enough to maintain clarity when printed on the pillow.

Choosing pillow fabric: Choose the right fabric according to your preference, generally speaking, cotton, linen or polyester fabric are common choices, make sure the fabric is soft, easy to clean and suitable for printing.

Digital Printing: The design is digitally printed onto the selected fabric.

Sewing the pillow: Cut the printed fabric into the corresponding shapes and sizes, and then sew to make the pillow cover.

Filling pillow core: put the right size pillow core into the sewn pillow jacket or directly fill the pillow cover with cotton, pay attention to the cotton filling evenly and fluffy.

Sealing: Finally, sew the seal of the pillow jacket or use other ways to close it, to ensure that the pillow core will not escape from it.

The above is a process of making a pillow, if you want to start your own design, Plushies4u can provide you this service!

3.How do you clean and maintain your printed pillows in everyday use to extend their life and keep them looking their best?

Cleaning pillows is very important because they often come into contact with human skin and hair, which can easily accumulate dirt, bacteria and dust. If not cleaned in time, pillows can become a breeding ground for bacteria, posing a potential threat to human health. In addition, cleaning pillows extends their life and maintains their appearance and texture.

Regular cleaning of pillows reduces the growth of allergens and bacteria and helps to keep indoor air clean and healthy. Especially for people with allergies, cleaning pillows is crucial.

Therefore, regular cleaning of pillows is very important to keep the home environment clean and hygienic and to protect human health.

Here are some suggestions to help maintain its appearance and texture through cleaning and maintenance:

Regular dusting: Use a vacuum cleaner or a special dusting brush for pillows to remove dust and debris from the surface of the pillow on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Surface Cleaning: For light stains, gently wipe with a mild detergent and a damp cloth, then wipe clean with a clean damp cloth and finally air dry.

Machine or Hand Wash: If the pillow label allows machine washing, you can use a mild laundry detergent and select gentle mode for cleaning. If machine washing is not allowed, you can choose to hand wash, gently wash with mild detergent and cool water, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Avoid drying: It is best not to use the dryer to dry the printed pillow, you can choose to dry naturally to avoid high temperature damage to the print.

Prevent exposure to sunlight: avoid exposing printed pillows to sunlight to avoid color fading or material damage.

Regular turning: In order to evenly maintain the shape and elasticity of the pillow, it is recommended to turn and pat the pillow regularly.

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Post time: Apr-10-2024