We make safety our top priority!

The safety of every plush stuffed toy we produce at Plushies4u is of utmost importance to us.

We do our best to ensure that you and your children remain safe with our toys by always putting children's toy safety first, strict quality control, and long-term partner maintenance.

All of our stuffed animal toys have been tested for any age. This means that plush stuffed animal toys are safe for all ages, from birth to 100 and up, unless there are specific safety recommendations or applicability information.


The toys we manufacture for children meet and exceed all safety standards and regulations. Safety considerations begin at the earliest design stage. During the manufacturing process, we work with accredited laboratories to independently test children's toys for safety as required by the regions where the toys are distributed.


 1. 0 to 3 years

 2. 3 to 12 years (USA)

 3. 3 to 14 years (EU)

General Standards


 2. EU: EN71

Some of the things we test include:

 1. Mechanical hazards: toys are subject to drop test, push/pull test, choke/suffocation test, sharpness and puncture test.

 2. Chemical/toxicological hazards, including soluble heavy metals: the materials of the toys and their surface coatings are tested for harmful substances such as lead, mercury and phthalates.

 3. Flammability hazards: Toys are tested to ensure that they are not easily ignited.

 4. Packaging and labeling: Toy packaging and labels are verified to ensure that they meet all guidelines and contain all required elements. As a standard, labels are printed with soy ink rather than dye.

We prepare for the best, but we also prepare for the worst.

While Custom Plush Toys has never experienced a serious product or safety issue, like any responsible manufacturer, we plan for the unexpected. We then work very hard to make our toys as safe as possible so that we don't have to activate those plans.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES: We are the manufacturer and the responsibility is ours. If an individual toy is found to be defective, we will offer a credit or refund, or a free replacement directly to our customer, end consumer or retailer.

PRODUCT RECALL PROGRAM: If the unthinkable happens and one of our toys poses a risk to our customers, we will take immediate steps with the appropriate authorities to implement our product recall program. We never trade dollars for happiness or health.

Note: If you plan to sell your items through most major retailers (including Amazon), third-party testing documentation is required, even if not required by law.

I hope this page has been helpful to you and invite you to contact me with any additional questions and/or concerns.